• Access to your music sheets at any time

    You wish to move light, and to have always with you all the sheets you will need available for you
    With ChorusPlay, you music sheets are available for you anywhere and anytime, with your own annotations (annotations available February 2017) !

  • Practice new pieces and have fun

    You wish to practice between reheasals and have fun.
    With ChrousPlay, you can listen tutti, or your voice only, a mix, play with the records, the metronome, and even record yourself, with a visual indication on the sheet.
    All that with one single tool.

  • Get prepared for the rehearsals

    You feel bad when having the first reading of a new piece during reheasals. You are not satisfied neither when others come not prepared and have their first reading during rehearsals.
    You do not find enough time and willingness to practice between reheasals.
    With ChorusPlay, you and other musicians can get prepared by yourself, or by instruments, with the help of the "director" within the application.
    Rehearsals are even more fun, efficient and musical !

  • Keep going during rehearsals

    Soemtimes, you get lost during the first reading of a new piece in reheasals. You loose the train and catch back only when the director do it again.  
    You get frustrated.
    With ChorusPlay, a musician leader provides a visual indication on the sheet to those wishing an dhelp them to keep the motion. When needed, or permanently, you are the one to decide.  

  • Help the less experimented

    Not all amateur musicians and chorists know how to read easily music.
    You wish to support them to get familiar with new pieces by themselves, in an easy and fun manner.
    ChorusPlay will help you, by allowing them to listen their voice, to mix it with other voices, to learn the pieces, linking reading and listening through a visual indication. Five levels are available to really progress.
    And this for all music sheets, without transcription, and no added cost.

  • Help musicians to practice

    You know that many of your group wish to practice between rehearsals but do not find time and fun to make it happen.

    ChorusPlay will help you, by allowing to get familiar to an new piece at any time. Waiting the train, the bus, during a break at the office, between 2 activities at home or travelling.
    And this without retranscription of the part.

  • Have rehearsals more efficient and fun

    You are director. You are not satisfied when you need to spend a lot of time for the first reading during rehearsals. You do not like neither to have to repeat several times the bar number to start again.
    With ChorusPlay, musicians and choir members get prepared before rehearsals in a fun way. And during reheasals, they always know the bar number to start with.

  • Distribute easily the materials

    You are un charge to administrate, prepare and distribue the music sheets for your group. You wish to make available easily to all members, sheets and recordings.

    With ChorusPlay, one single click to send to all materials. And even a "Chorus Video" for those who would not have a smartphone or a tablet

  • Reduce time of preparation

    You are director, or you help him or her.  

    You are uses to transcribe music sheets on a publishing tool (such as Sibelius, MuseScore, Finale,…) in order to get the records of the voices.
    You wish to reduce the time you spend in preparation and give even more supporting materials to your members.

    With ChorusPlay, no need of retranscription. You just have to import the scans of your parts, identify the bars and record easily by singing, or with a piano or an other instrument. Directly on the tablet. If you prefer, you can associate voices and mp3 records you will have found on libraries, Youtube, Deezer, ...

  • Prepare exercices for music theory

    You teach music theory. You wish to use the latest technologies to share the key points and help students in their progression.
    ChorusPlay will help you.
    We work with professional teachers to finalize exercices of speed, anticipation and others.
    ChorusPlayis a tool for professional, you to imagine the exercices needed for your students.

  • Prepare exercices for an instrument student

    You are an instrument teacher. You wish to help your students with specific exercices fun and efficient. .
    With ChorusPlay, you can create the exercice answering a specific need at a specific time for your student, and support him all the week long.


    As an example, you select the specific bars difficult for the student, you record yourself on these bars, and say to the student the way to practice during the week (tempos, ...) . The student can even record himself to share with you when he is satisfied.

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